Book Review // Heather by AJ Sendall

Heather Book Cover Heather
In the Sydney Underworld
AJ Sendall
Mystery, Thriller & Suspense
January 2, 2015

When aging escort Heather Todd rescues a stranger riding a wild self-destructive spiral, she discovers she has a chance to avenge the death of her sister, and many others. She taunts and cajoles the reluctant Sam into helping her gather evidence against the notorious Reed brothers. When Sam agrees to join her, they embark on a daring, high-risk venture that takes them deep into the underworld, and then half-way around the world and almost home again … Heather is a story about how people are changed by circumstance and pressure; both external and internal. And how when released from that pressure, some are able to become their true selves.

Heather is one of those reads (at least for me) that gives you just enough suspense to guess what might happen next, but… does it? The novel takes you along on the journey of two strangers, Heather and Sam, and the winding circumstances – love, drugs, money – that bring them together in the Australian underworld.

Please note: Opinion is that age range for this book is 18+ due to some sexual content.

My likes:

Heather and Sam: You will find yourself rooting for Heather and Sam to ultimately be together when all is said and done. There are some legitimate moments where I really thought, “Hmm… could it go another direction for these two?” This is where some of the suspense comes into play. There are so many other colorful characters that shape and mold the relationship that builds for Heather and Sam, you’re unsure if they remain friends, become lovers, or ultimately sail off into the sunset, together. Heather and Sam are themselves two colorful characters, so from their start in the novel, you’re always trying to figure the two of them out.

The whole story: So, yes, it’s crime, drugs, and a bit of suspense mystery… you can’t say you don’t love it! Crime and drama are written every day, but it’s the mix within Heather that keeps you turning the page – an escort, a man of mystery, dirty drug-lords, Australia, and yachts.

My dislikes:

What just happened: There is one part semi-early in Heather where I read the section and said, “Did I miss something?” So, I re-read and hadn’t missed anything; the answer I was searching for wasn’t there. You will think you know the answer and eventually what you think is the truth, actually is the truth. It’s one of those moments where, if you’re like me, you’re asking questions on why something happened… it takes time for your assumption to be answered.

Some lag in the flow of reading: The structure of Heather is three parts, each part divided into chapters. It is the first chapters of part three where there is some lag – the first chapters read much the same with background and day-to-day life that the flow starts to drag and you might find yourself wanting to skip through a page. The goal of finding out exactly what happens to Heather and Sam has not happened yet, so you break the barrier and read on!

Final thought:

I really liked this book. I in no way found myself challenged with reading it (outside of my few dislikes), or wanting to put the book down to come back to it in a few days. The story held me because like I said, there are so many options of how the story could play out, you have to read to the very end. Disclosure: I received a copy of this book from the author for an honest review. All opinions are my own.

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After three decades of ‘living it up’, it is now time for A.J. Sendall to write it down. Not as a dry travelogue or memoir, but as realistic novels based on real-life experiences. Experiences, which still run technicolor through his mind. Since 1979, A.J. Sendall has been collecting people and places. From the polluted dust bowls of the Sahara to the pristine ice floes of the Antarctic, he has gathered and filed them away. Some have recently pushed through the bars of insecurity and are now at large in the pages of his first three novels. Others await their future fates.

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