Review Policy

General Information

Thank you for considering and my opinion as an outlet for your book.

I accept ARCs, finished copies, and e-books. If the book is a part of a series, then I may need the previous books. I love physical copies – nothing like holding the real thing – but in today’s time, completely understand how that may not be possible. I will accept eBooks (i.e. mobi, epub, PDF) that can be read on Kindle or other devices. Audiobooks are definitely an option as well; please connect with me first on an audiobook.

I prefer mystery, thriller, and suspense fiction. I accept historical fiction, women’s fiction, and some young adult. I am not accepting the following genres at this time: sci-fi / dystopian or non-fiction.

I welcome self-published and indie authors, and would love to help you spread the word for your book!


Reviews will be posted on this site,, and shared on Goodreads and Amazon. Additional sites may include Google Books, Barnes & Noble, BookBub, and Riffle Books. If a book was delivered through Edelweiss, NetGalley, or other publishing/author platforms the review (or detailed snip-it with URL) will be posted to whichever website is applicable. If you would like the review shared on additional websites, please request this. All reviews are shared via Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, and Instagram.

All reviews are fair and honest and will reflect my opinion of the book. I will certainly never bash an author or book but will be very honest in my review.

If by some chance I do not finish a book due to dislike or content, I will email the author and offer:

  • A shortened review
    • Explain why I could not finish
    • What page I completed to
    • Include the potential to continue reading
  • Alternative post (could be a)
    • Post to promote the book
    • Author interview

Basic review structure:

  • Cover art
  • Book stats:
    • Title
    • Author
    • Publisher
    • Genre
    • Page count
    • Release date
    • Other info available at the time of review
  • Star rating
  • Book Summary (from author’s site)
  • My review and thoughts
  • Links to author’s site and social media links
  • Links to purchase of the book
  • Book disclosure

Star rating:

  • 1: I did not like the book
  • 2: I did/did not like the book; disliked much of the content/flow.
  • 3: I liked the book, but lacked some enjoyment or was not right for me.
  • 4: I really liked the book.
  • 5: I loved the book!


Only two author requested book reviews are completed per month. Please contact me to discuss a review of your book. Posted on a Monday for a 12:01 AM live launch.

Other Posts // Showcases, Guest Post, or Interview

In addition to book reviews, can also share books via a showcase post, guest post, or author interview.

Showcase posts could include but are not limited to book excerpts (written or audio), character evaluations, book trailers, praise, series books, if applicable, or other books written by the author.

Guest posts are posts written by the author and could include topics specific to their writing, their characters, or upcoming events.

Author interview posts are based on the author’s written response to 11 questions pertaining to their books, inspiration, and sometimes even ask what their pet peeves are. This is an opportunity for readers to get to know various authors around the globe. We may sometimes share character interviews as well.


If I am completing a review of your book, I would love to conduct a giveaway as well. The criteria can be worked out at the time of review. All giveaways ship directly from the author or representatives.

If I am not completing a review of your book, but you would still like to conduct a giveaway, please contact me.

Blog Tours

I support authors 100%. I am more than happy to post my book review during a blog tour or to host an author. Please contact me to review tour options.