2015 Outdo Yourself Reading Challenge

My Challenge: I’m on Fire!: read 16+ more books (or 4,000+ more pages)

Yes, another challenge! I’ve decided to do a second reading challenge through The Book Vixen, so make sure you stop by and read up on the 2015 Outdo Yourself Reading Challenge… and sign up!

Quick recap: The ODY challenge is really what it states… read more books then you did for 2014. Just outdo yourself!

As you can see above in red, I have challenged myself to read 16+ more books than I did in 2014. I think this is an achievable goal because I’ve already placed a personal goal of completing at least four book reviews per month, plus read one book per month for the online book club I participate in. Wish me luck!

I read less than 30 books for 2014; not my finest year. For 2015, I plan to read at least 60+ books and use this post as my tracker. I will list every book I read during 2015 below in order to keep track of my challenge progression. Please note that I will link to the review completed for each book.

Note: Click on the title to go to my review of the book.

Challenge progression:

  1. If I Fall, If I Die by Michael Christie (1/19)
  2. The Offering by Joanne Clancy (1/21) (review forthcoming)
  3. A Killing at the Creek by Nancy Allen (1/26)
  4. Moonlight Falls on Seven Sisters by M.L. Bullock (2/7) (review forthcoming)
  5. Heather by AJ Sendall (3/3)
  6. Dark Rooms by Lili Anolik (3/14) (review forthcoming)