Podcast // In the Dark via APM Reports

Podcast Photo: In the Dark Podcast, APM Reports
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Whichever podcast app you stream from there is not a lack of true-crime podcasts to listen to. As I peruse Google Podcasts, I do believe I could listen to a new true-crime podcast each day for a whole year and never have to repeat. This is both extraordinary for those that love to listen to true-crime, but also heartbreaking to know there is that much crime to report.

Photo: In the Dark Podcast, APM Reports

One of my all-time favorite podcasts to listen to is In the Dark, a podcast brought to listeners by APM Reports. Investigative reporter Madeleine Baran doesn’t shy away from the difficult stories that need to be shared or the difficult questions that need to be asked. 

I like Baran’s approach as she centralizes herself within the community as she reports. She, and her team, become one with the story they are reporting on so they can truly give us a first-hand experience of the story. Baran doesn’t stop at the deep insight shared during each season, the sister website to the podcast offers listeners critical updates on each season to keep us informed.

In the Dark is now two full seasons in, with a limited series currently being reported now concerning COVID-19 in the Delta. My expectations are high for the future investigative reporting of the APM Reports team. 

Season 1: Jacob Wetterling. Abducted in October 1989, the case went unsolved for 27 years. 

Season 2: Curtis Flowers. Tried six times, he has won numerous appeals but still spent a lifetime on death row.

Limited Run Series: Reporting NOW on COVID-19 in the Mississippi Delta.