To Read or Not to Read


Or, to continue to read once you’ve hit THE wall and just can’t continue on. I’ve hit this point with two books recently and I’m on the wall about continuing on with reading them – just because – or calling it on both reads and quitting.

Now, I should make it clear that I’m not obligated to read, or finish reading, either one. I feel like I was defeated by the book. Does that sound silly?

The two books are:

Harvest Home by Thomas Tryon

Harvest Home was suggested to me since I’m a Stephen King fan. The short of it – I’m 67 pages in, bored, and the reading has slowed to a snail’s pace. I read several reviews on the book, many positive, so my thought was I would enjoy, but sadly, no. I wish that the 67 pages that I’ve read, so far, would have had something to keep me hooked… so, this book will go to the bottom of my TPR pile just in case I get the urge to find out what happens.

Pure Evil by Jesse Bastide

Pure Evil was picked up as a freebie to add to my freebie reading challenge TBR list. There weren’t many reviews completed by the time I received it, so nothing written previously could cloud my judgement, but just about half-way through, I closed my copy, never to be picked up again. I could not get past the flow of the book – the story and the conversational tone that it was delivered in, just didn’t match. I have no plans to pick up this book to finish it.

Yes, I do feel a little defeated that I didn’t finish the books, but I give myself credit for reading well past the page of when I knew I could no longer go on.

Tell me… have you hit a page within a book where you knew you just couldn’t continue? Have you tried to pick up the book, again, or not? How long do you give yourself before you put it down and walk away?

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