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Every Time He Dies Book Cover Every Time He Dies
Tara East
Mystery, Thriller & Suspense
Tara East | 2019
November 5, 2019
Paperback, eBook

Daphne Lawrence is haunted. Two years ago, her fiancée died in a terrible accident, her mother passed away from cancer and she stopped speaking to her father. As an embalmer, Daff is used to the company of dead people, but she isn’t used to them talking back. In fact, Daff isn’t used to anything that could be considered woo-woo including, but not limited to: psychics, crystal, meditation, tarot cards, vision quests and coincidences. Too bad that’s everything she’s experiencing.

Daff is forced to confront her own long-ignored grief when she discovers a haunted watch buried in the sand at Golden Beach. The problem is, her ghost has no memory of his former life or how he died.

As Daff seeks to discover the spectre’s identity, dangerous truths and hidden secrets are revealed. Soon, she finds herself in the middle of an on-going homicide investigation led by Detective Sergeant Jon Lawrence, her father. A story about grief, time and identity, Every Time He Dies will leave you wondering whether our dearly beloveds ever really depart.

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I was skeptical when first asked to read Every Time He Dies. You know me when it comes to my mysteries. Much like the protagonist of this read, Daff, I’m not a fan of the paranormal theme within the mysteries that I read. And much like Daff – you will learn when you pick up your copy today – I came around. I was so drawn into the story that author Tara East developed, that the paranormal aspect fluttered away and what was left was a brilliant mystery read.

Thank you to Tara East for creating such dynamic, driven characters. East truly gave her characters just the right amount of history to allow me to know the character, yet left a bit unspoken for us as readers to want to continue the read and learn. I wanted to understand more between Daff and Liam – especially to learn about Liam – and the dynamic of Daff and her father, Jon. Simply put, the characters of Every Time He Dies have a wonderful give and take effect on me as a reader. I wanted to engage with Tara’s characters and continue their story.

Of course, it’s not just the characters that continued the drive for me to read. East developed a well-rounded read that gave various stories of characters as individuals and slowly intertwined each story until many become one. Tara’s weave was intricate and deliberate, and very successful. Such an easy flow to her writing; it never seemed cluttered or chaotic. I understood where I was at within the reading and didn’t at any time feel lost or confused by the story.    

This review is a bit more difficult to write because I feel if I share more of the plot it will be an instant giveaway and you won’t pick up your own copy to read. Just know that it is a plot worth reading. Death, disbelief, paranormal activity, and family create an intrigue well worth it. 

I love a good mystery. I want to be drawn into the story and feel as I’m part of the character’s lives. Author Tara East gave me this engagement with Every Time He Dies and I’m so glad that I didn’t allow the paranormal to keep me away.

I know that this release is BRAND NEW, but I’m thoroughly looking forward to Tara East’s future novels as I don’t believe I will be disappointed by this author. One never knows… maybe a sequel to Every Time He Dies?

I gave you a bit of a background on the characters. Allow me to let Tara East give you a bit more detail!

Listen to Author Tara East describe the main cast of characters from her debut release, EVERY TIME HE DIES.

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