Book Review // The Buried Girl by Richard Montanari

The Buried Girl Book Cover The Buried Girl
Richard Montanari
Mystery, Thriller & Suspense
Witness Impulse
January 8, 2019
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A haunting, nerve-jangling psychological thriller from Sunday Times bestselling author Richard Montanari, set in a small town hiding a very dark secret.

New York psychologist Will Hardy had it all—a loving family, a flourishing career, a bestselling book. Until the night it all ended in a tempest of fire and ash, leaving only Will and his fifteen-year-old daughter Bernadette to stand in the ruins.

Haunted and grief-stricken, Will accepts an enigmatic invitation from his family’s past to begin their lives anew in the small town of Abbeville, Ohio.

Meanwhile, Abbeville Chief of Police Ivy Holgrave is investigating the death of a local girl, convinced this may only be the latest in a long line of murders dating back decades—including her own long-missing sister.

But what place does Will's new home have in the story of the missing girls? And what links the killings to the diary of a young woman written over a century earlier? The disappearances in Abbeville have happened before, and now Will’s own daughter might be next…

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I’m a huge fan of books that are released via the Witness Impulse imprint as the label offers books that fit within my main genre, and I have yet to be dissatisfied by any release that I read from them. The authors are solid storytellers and that is greatly appreciated. I definitely was not let down while reading my latest, The Buried Girl, by a new author to me, Richard Montanari. It was my first read of this author and certainly not my last.

Montanari was able to weave a psychological thriller that threaded in-depth characters and small town secrets into a well received read. Father and daughter, Will and Detta, are starting over after a stinging loss in the town of Abbeville, Ohio. Their tragedy brings them into the fold of a dark secret that their new hometown would like to remain hidden.

As we all know, dark secrets always spill out.

There are many intense moments that have you guessing, but ultimately readers will have to be patient (or not) and wait until close to the end for all to unravel. I for one loved that as learning too much too soon just makes for a boring read the second half of the book. There are bread crumbs throughout the reading to lead you to the conclusion, but only enough to intensify the read.

Those breadcrumbs will lead you to wanting to understand more and question the interwoven stories of Will, Detta, Ivy and the town of Abbeville. Specifically questions one may have of Godwin Hall.

The flow of reading was easy without large spots of choppiness to leave you essentially rereading. Do be aware of severals stories that weave together, so the reading will have some movement among characters. And the focus characters each had a purpose; all were well developed with backstories that gave growth to the overall development.

The Buried Girl was a great read that will entice readers to dive into Montanari and his other writings. The book gave a great thriller that led me on enough of a roller coaster to keep me wanting more. It was definitely worth 4 of 5 stars.

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RICHARD MONTANARI is the Sunday Times top ten bestselling author of The Echo Man, The Devil’s Garden, Play Dead, The Rosary Girls, The Skin Gods and Broken Angels, as well as the internationally acclaimed thrillers Kiss of Evil, Don’t Look Now (previously published as Deviant Way) and The Violet Hour. He lives in Cleveland, Ohio.

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