Goals 2019 // Reading A Page Turner

I completed this type of post last year and so I will be using the same format (and some of the same goals). I am hoping by completing this post and listing my intentions for the year that I will make a strong effort to keep on track.

Reading Goals

Stay on track. Using the Goodreads Reading Challenge (far right column), I am pushing myself to read at least 25 books this year. To obtain this goal I will be reading and listening to book via online book clubs and reading challenges. Both should easily allow me to follow through with reading and obtain this goal.

Read more reviews & comment. I wasn’t as successful with this goal in 2018 so I am renewing my effort to this goal. For every discussion post I publish, I have to comment on one (1) discussion post AND one (1) review post. I really need to support the community that I am part of and this is my accountability.

Create a post schedule. Although not a reading goal I’m placing here since it falls mainly into the RAPT site. For 2018 I created a schedule of themed posts in order to build my site network. Some themes I wasn’t able to keep up with, but I am sticking with the same schedule for 2019 and when available will post along the following lines: lines:

  • Mondays = Book Reviews (weekly)
  • Tuesdays = Podcast Reviews (every 2 weeks)
  • Wednesdays = Discussion Posts (1st Wed monthly, potentially weekly)
  • Thursdays = Author Interviews (every 2 weeks)
  • Fridays = Guest posts (weekly, if available)

This is a rough outline, and of course I would have other posts throughout as needed, I just think having a base to work with will allow me schedule out posts in advance to free up time.

Writing Goals

Finish at least ONE draft. I currently have two books that I have been working on and neither are close to a finished first draft for anyone to give feedback on. I had hoped to have a first draft complete for both in 2018, but I just did not get there. I think I had a bit of imposter syndrome. One of the books is a middle school novel that is hopefully the beginning of a state series featuring a bit of supernatural and two teen sleuths. The first story really is compelling once I can get into the bare bones of it! In addition to the middle school novel, I am working on a short story collection which is coming along nicely. I will be devoting one (1) hour to writing each morning – with weekends.

Attend a writing class. This was a 2018 goal and now a 2019 goal. I’ve taken a writing class previously but would like to take a more in-depth class at my local community college. They offer extension courses for adults, so this might be a way to expand my view.

Coding & Business Goals

Coding, Coding, and Coding! I failed during 2018 to improve on this goal. Again, this will take purposeful planning on my part to use every second I have with a purpose. Much like every dollar you make! I have already started planning out my days via block schedule so that I can see where every minute is going (family, work, coding, writing). I will be devoting one (1) hour each night – with weekends – to coding and this could be participating in an online course to practicing coding fundamentals.

Book Relations Boutique. Along with developing my coding skills, I want to grow the RAPT site to be more than a review site. My hope is to include a full online presence for upcoming book authors. This would include creating author and book sites, conducting book tours, and more. My first step is to gain certification in WordPress developing and then build a group of dedicated bloggers for book tours.

Hubby’s Business Growth. In addition to all the above, and some extras not listed, my husband and I own a commercial cleaning business. I have a variety of roles which I handle and this year I want to focus on networking through our local Chamber in order to grow our customer base. Growing our customer base means the potential for adding two additional employees, which is what I really want to do.

And a general goal is better planning!

I have several projects that I will be working on for 2019 and with that comes disorganization. In order to create a calm chaos, I need to make sure I am planning smart and utilizing my time wisely. Multi-tasking is a must and delegating is help (not a fail!). In addition to using my Google calendar, I need to use my planner – yes, the kind you write in – for details and notes that I need to refer back to. I find that if I write it down, it tends to happen!

Thanks for reading! What are your goals for the year?