2018 Challenges // Reading, Chats, and More!

Photo by Susan Yin on Unsplash

With a new year comes new challenges!

In past years I’ve attempted a few challenges, but haven’t had the follow-through on them as complete as I would have liked. This year I’m throwing myself into the challenges again. So let’s see what I can accomplish!

I’ve attempted the Discussion Challenge a few times, hosted by Feed Your Fiction Addiction and It Starts at Midnight. I have decided to put myself through this challenge one more time for 2018 and push through to accomplish at least one (1) discussion post per month. I’ve challenged myself to use a set of prompts to help me complete my goal.

This year my goal is to accomplish level: 11 to 20 discussions: Creative Conversationalist. More specific, my goal is 12 discussions – one per month in addition to my interviews, reviews, and other posts.

You can find out all of the details here at the main link page on Feed Your Fiction Addiction.

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This one should be interesting!

I stumbled upon the 2018 Blogger Shame Challenge after reviewing a list of challenges and thought it would be a good fit to hold me accountable for completing some reviews that should have been written up in 2017.

For the most part, I have read the books, it is now just taking my notes and the partial write-ups and actually FINISHING them 🙂

You can find all the details here for the 2018 Blogger Shame Challenge! I have started to post below the reviews I know that have to be finished. I have around 4 more to add – so I will be pushing to complete NINE (9) reviews that should have been done!

  1. On Her Majesty’s Frightfully Secret Service by Rhys Bowen (NG) (DONE)
  2. Watch Me Disappear by Janelle Brown (NG) – 50%
  3. Love and Gravity by Samantha Soto (NG) – 50%
  4. The Witch House of Persimmon Point by Suzanne Palmieri (NG)
  5. The Body Reader by Anne Frazier (NG) – 50%
  6. Broken Promise (NG) (DONE)
  7. TBD
  8. TBD
  9. TBD

I am using this reading challenge to help me focus on… AGATHA CHRISTIE! The good thing about the Read All the Books Challenge is it is an open challenge, so if it takes 5 years to read all the books, then so be it, you just have to read ALL of their books.

I’m a huge mystery reader and I have been thinking about tackling Agatha Christie’s glorious books for some time. Now is that time to start!

My goal with Christie’s books is to break them down into groupings – so, her stand-alone books, then Poirot’s, and so on.

I will be using the PDF’s located here to complete my reading. As I read, I will list below along with date completed. I will be starting with the Hercule Poirot Collection first which is 43 books and novellas before moving on to the Miss Marple Collection of 15 books and novellas. I will finish with the remainder of Christie’s stand-alone books – too many to count right now :).

Agatha Christie’s Hercule Poirot Collection

  1. The Mysterious Affair at Styles (1920) – DONE, Read: 6/20/2018
  2. Murder on the Links (1923) – TBD
  3. TBD

What reading challenges or discussions have you joined for 2018? Please comment below!