Evolution Always Finds A Way // Author Michael W. Garza Interview

Tribes of Decay Book Cover Tribes of Decay
The Decaying World Saga
Michael W. Garza
Horror / Zombie Apocalypse
Severed Press
January 31, 2016
Enchanted Book Tours

Our world decayed and a new world arose from the ashes of the old.

The remains of the human race cling to life decades after a decimating global plague. The infected hunt the living as the dead roam abandoned streets craving the taste of flesh. Mia and Rowan hoped to carve out a life for themselves in an apocalyptic wasteland, but fate had other plans. They’re forced to leave behind the relative safety of their home after a chance encounter challenges everything they’ve ever known.

Evolution always finds a way...

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Did you always want to become a writer or did writing find you?

Writing is something I’ve always done. I never set out to publish books that came on its own. I was always creative, looking for ways to express my imagination and writing ended up being the outlet.

Where does your inspiration come from to write zombie apocalyptic novels?

Oddly enough it never starts with an idea about zombies. I’m first and foremost a fan of fantasy. I try and apply the same approach to writing dystopian/apocalyptic stories that I would to a high fantasy novel. There are obvious differences, but I think it provides a unique view of a genera that’s pretty saturated right now. There’s more to my books that Run/Fight/Run. I’m much more interested in discovering how this terrible future effects the people my books are about.

Did you choose the genre you write in, or did you want to write in a different genre, but realized (i.e. horror / apocalyptic) fit you?

It’s a little bit of both. My first published book, The Hand That Feeds was actually the fourth book I ever wrote. In a sense the genera chose me. It’s difficult once you establish even the smallest following to completely switch your genera so I decided to allow my other interests to influence what I was writing in an attempt to have the best of both worlds.

Does Tribes of Decay build from your previous novel, The Last Infection?

I don’t call it a sequel, but the answer is still yes. The initial story of how the infection begins started in The Hand That Feeds. The Last Infection leaps forward about year in book time and reveals what the impacts of the infection were on the rest of the country although it’s about completely different characters. In Tribes of Decay readers will find themselves nearly seventy years after the events in The Last Infection. The world is a very different place and human beings are no longer at the top of the food chain. Society has reverted back to a tribe mentality in an effort to survive. Tribes of Decay is the first book in The Decaying World Saga and the main story builds from there.

Do you have a favorite genre you like to read?

Fantasy without a doubt.

Please tell us your favorite author within the genre, and why.

I grew up on Tolkien and Lovecraft and for me there’s nothing better. It’s hard for me to take one over the other because in my opinion they are so incredibly different and incredibly similar at the same time. Their ability to paint a picture is beyond anyone else I’ve ever read. It’s difficult for me to imagine fantasy without Tolkien’s influence and I would say the exact same for Lovecraft and horror. I would never dare to compare myself or my writing to their work, but I see their influence in everything I do.

From your favorite author’s list of novels, which is your favorite and why?

If I had to settle on one it would be the Two Towers. For me that book holds the best parts of the lord of the rings story (even though it was never meant to be divided into multiple books.)

Of course we have to know, what is in-store next – books, events, etc.? 

I’m always writing so my “next” big thing seems to change from week to week. The second book in The Decaying World Saga is already in the second edit. I’m hopeful to have it through the process and ready for the publisher by the end of the year. As a slight curve ball I’m in talks with another publisher about releasing a YA series I started writing years ago, so I’m sure I’ll be pretty busy in 2016.

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Tribes of Decay Author Michael GarzaMichael W. Garza often finds himself wondering where his inspiration will come from next and in what form his imagination will bring it to life. The outcomes regularly surprise him and it’s always his ambition to amaze those curious enough to follow him and take in those results. He hopes that everyone will find something that frightens, surprises, or simply astonishes them.