Outwit and Outrun // Sebastian Cork: Forget Me Not

Sebastian Cork: Forget Me Not Book Cover Sebastian Cork: Forget Me Not
Neal Davies
Fiction, Thriller
May 4, 2015
Paperback, Kindle, eBook
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Noted Psychologist Sebastian Cork has lived a life full of zest and splendor. At the pinnacle of his career, all should be well, but he finds himself at a loss with no explanation and no desire to fight his way out of it. With his enthusiasm lost and his vitality lacking, Sebastian is unwittingly ejected from his melancholy and at the center of a murder investigation. Ripped from the safe confines of the place he calls home, Sebastian is surrounded by the slum and the detritus of a life so far removed from his own. Now, he must find a killer before the killer strikes again or worse, finds him. Can Sebastian outwit and outrun a sadistic killer or is he completely out of his element?