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Her Sinful Angel Book Cover Her Sinful Angel
Her Angel Series, Book 8
Felicity Heaton
Paranormal Romance
Felicity Heaton
July 30, 2015
Paperback, eBook

Cast out of Heaven and now the king of Hell, Lucifer is a powerful fallen angel warrior with a heart as cold as ice and soul as black as the bottomless pit. For millennia, he has ruled his realm with an iron fist as he plots the demise of his ancient enemies. When one of those enemies dumps an unconscious mortal female in the courtyard of his fortress and leaves her there, Lucifer finds himself entranced by the beguiling beauty and tempted beyond all reason. But is the enchanting Nina an innocent pawn in the eternal game or part of a plot against him?

I love that I am able to bring to you an author interview with Felicity Heaton. Felicity is a best-selling British author that dives into the world of paranormal romance. Please enjoy!

  1. Did you always want to become a writer or did writing find you?

I didn’t make a conscious decision to become a writer. It was a role I evolved into throughout the course of my life. I’m a very creative person but always wanted to do something more art-based, which is why I studied Graphic Design for my degree and then pursued a career as a web designer/developer.

I wrote a little in school when I was a teenager because we had to write the opening chapter of a gothic horror and it really got my mind working, and my teacher liked mine so much that she read it out to the class. I wrote more for it, had a whole plan for the story, but then schoolwork took over and it fell to the wayside. I didn’t write until 2003 after that. I got really into writing fanfiction for Buffy the Vampire Slayer and was running my own fanfiction website for my stories. A friend who was writing the same genre as me convinced me to give writing something original with my own characters a go. I took a little convincing but I took the leap and really loved it. I began publishing my books back in 2006 after being with an e-publisher for a year. It was just something I came to naturally. I was actually a full-time web developer throughout most of my years I was writing too, balancing both. I went full-time writer in 2011 and I still can’t believe this is my job!

  1. What inspires you to write? Are your inspirations different for your specific themed writing – Angles to Vampires to Werewolves?

I’m never sure how the ideas come. They just come! I get inspired by anything. From a song, to something on TV, to something I read, or even just taking a walk. I have a very hyperactive muse and he’s always throwing new story ideas at me and inviting new characters to wander into my head. I rarely have to think hard to come up with anything. I save the thinking hard for when I’m actually plotting the book and trying to get it all to work out, with maximum tension, passion and action.

  1. Did you choose the genre you write in, or did you want to write in a different genre, but realized – Paranormal/Romance – fit you?

No, I chose the genre I wanted to write in, although I did experiment with other genres when I first started writing books. In the end, I realised that paranormal romance was where my heart rested and I decided to stick with it.

  1. Of all the characters you’ve written, which one is you favorite and why? If you have a least favorite, which character and why?

Vail is currently sitting in my number one spot in my favourite characters list. He’s a dark elf prince from my Eternal Mates series of paranormal romance stories. Since beginning the Eternal Mates series with Kissed by a Dark Prince in November 2013, I have fallen deeply in love with Vail. He’s broken and tormented by the things he has done, but not beyond redemption. I really looked forward to writing this book and giving him a brighter future with his fated mate, setting him on the path towards being healed and leading a normal life again. Writing his book, Tempted by a Rogue Prince, really was everything I had expected it to be—a very emotional journey. He made me cry a few times, and readers have blamed me for a tissue shortage in their houses because of this book. Now, I’m looking forward to catching up with him in future books in the Eternal Mates series. People can read all about the series over at my website:

  1. What is your favorite genre that you like to read?

Paranormal romance. I absolutely love reading paranormal romances when I’m not writing my own books.

  1. Can you give two of your favorite authors and a snippet of why?

I don’t have just one or two favourite authors. I love several paranormal romance authors. I absolutely love Lara Adrian’s books. I also love to read series by Sherrilyn Kenyon and Larissa Ione, and sometimes Christine Feehan and Lynsay Sands. More recently, I’ve started reading Elisabeth Naughton’s Eternal Guardians series and also like to dip into Donna Grant’s dragon shifters series too. When I have time to read, I pretty much devour books one after the other, mixing up the authors and series.

  1. If you could only recommend one of your books to readers, which one would it be and why?

I can’t really recommend just one book, as every reader has different tastes or wants something different at the time they ask me to recommend where they should begin. I tend to just point people towards my series, because many of them have the first book as a free download or in the case of my most popular series, the first book, Kissed by a Dark Prince, is only 99c.

  1. If you could only recommend one book (from one of your two favorite authors), which one would it be and why?

Man, again, I can’t really pick one. Sometimes I would want to recommend a different book. It all depends on what mood I’m in and which book might satisfy that mood. I’d honestly recommend reading anything by the list of authors I gave, because they’re awesome books.

  1. Of course we have to know, what is in-store next – books, events, etc.?

I’m working on Marked by an Assassin, the next book in my Eternal Mates series. It has been wonderful stepping back into that world. I have so many characters in it that I love and it was interesting to write some scenes that were in the previous book, Taken by a Dragon, from a different perspective in this one.

Once this book comes out on October 31st, I’ll be working on getting the next book in the series written and ready for release. I’m focusing on the Eternal Mates series, Angels of the Apocalypse series which is a spin-off from my Her Angel series, and hoping to start releasing books in the Guardians of Hades series next year.

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