Thank Someone Today

Did you know that January is National Thank You Month? Giving thanks, or saying “Thank You,” can be a very uplifting experience and one that can be done every single day! No need to wait for a special time of the year. January would be a great month for you to get into the habit of giving thanks.

Simple things you can do to help inspire you, are:

  • Write a daily note in a journal of what you’re thankful for.
  • Inspire your family to share at dinner what they’re thankful for.
  • Write a Thank You note for a stranger and leave it during your morning coffee break.
  • Maybe just a “Have a wonderful day,” would work!
  • Remember to thank those for helping you out (grocery bagger).

There are definitely many, many ways that you can show your thanks. Try one out today!

Have a young one that is learning about being thankful? Looking for inspiration?

The Thankful Book by Todd Parr An Awesome Book of Thanks by Dallas Clayton Be Thankful Quotes by MM






What are you #thankful for? How will you thank someone?